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Water Bottle Blue Pirates, 350 ml
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  • The design of Alpintec premium water bottles combines high attention to detail, ergonomically designed features and easy to use functionality. The goal is to make hydration an effortless pleasant experience and the bottle itself a proud, must-have accessory. Gorgeous to look at and simple to use, Alpintec premium water bottle are a perfect luxury gift to a loved one or to yourself.
  • AlpinTec water bottles feature a high tech, stain resistant, frosted coating that will keep your bottle always looking new.
  • The unique texture of the coating give AlpinTec water bottles their smooth, velvety, unmistakable feel.
  • Lighter than glass, Alpintec premium water bottles are ideal for every day, on the go use.
  • A tough, durable lanyard wrist strap is made of a wide silky material that will not cut into the wrist and provide an easy and effortless way to carry the bottle. The strap is large enough to fit any wrist size.
  • Signature flip top features one click flip open top, that will open back to 180 degrees making sure that drinking in unobstructed by the cap. To close, just push the cap back into place and it easily clicks shut to its original secure closed position. No need for screwing or twisting. Water bottles AlpinTec can be used by just one hand, on the move and without looking, perfect for running or jogging.
  • The spout top water bottles feature a wide spout that provides a fast flowing, uninterrupted flow. An air pressure hole located at the top, keeps the pressure balances so the flow of liquid is effortless with no need for suction. Silicone lid seals keep the spout and cap leakproof, dust free and clean. (*replacements available)
  • Straw top water bottles feature a flip open, 2-part straw made of high-quality silicone. Wider and sturdier, than typical straws, they provide easy, effortless flow. (*replacements available)
  • Take advantage of available replacement caps to mix and match the nozzle to suit your needs. Replace the spout top cap with the straw top cap to instantly change the water bottle, without the need to buy a new one.
  • The flip lock mechanism integrates beautifully in the bottle design and prevents any accidental spills. It lock the cap in a tightly closed position so the bottle cannot be accidentally opened in the bag, even if the Open button is pressed. The switch is located around the OPEN button. All you have to do is Flick and Click and your bottle will go from being completely leakproof and secure, to open and ready to drink.
  • AlpinTec sport water bottles come in beautiful bright mat colors that will appeal to any taste, sex or age.

Premium Quality Construction

  • Alpintec premium water bottles are made from durable, eco-friendly, safe and strong materials.
  • Constructed from new generation, high tech copolyester called Tritan, AplinTec premium water bottles are safe to use. Unlike other plastics used for traditional water bottles, Titan is free of bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS), estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA). Many people are unaware of the damage that is done by these chemicals to core body biological systems. For more details please see the following article.
  • Our water bottles are extremely durable. Shatter resistant, they will remain intact even after a fall.
  • AlpinTec premium water bottles are suitable for both hot and cold liquids. The temperature range is -10 to 96 degrees, so whether you like ice water or hot tea, Alpintec water bottles are the bottles for you.
  • Our bottles are washed by hand but the wide opening makes cleaning process very easy.

AlpinTec premium water bottles combine beautiful design, durable construction and high tech, safe materials. Get one today. Hydrate for health